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Photo Theme for FCPX
Photo Passion is a professional theme package created for use in Final Cut Pro X. Pixel Film Studios theme packages make editing videos from start to finish a breeze. The 20 custom designed scene presets give users a great variety of shots and they can create their own camera presets using intuitive parameter controls. Photo Passion comes packed with 20 scene presets, themed transitions, lower thirds, overlays and a frame tool for added design. Creating a beautiful 3D slideshow using both photos and videos has never been easier. Click here to learn more about FCPX Templates.

Photo Themes with Photo: Passion in Final Cut Pro X

Dynamic Camera Angles
Photo Passion features 20 custom scene presets with up to 4 drop zones for pictures and/or videos. Presets generators immediately ready for use, but can also be customized to achieve any camera motion. Adjust speed, add a quick camera burst, and even skew perspective using the Angle of View slider.

Fully Customizable

Pixel Film Studios theme packages are completely customizable in FCPX. With the swab of the color wheel and quick slider adjustments, video editors can achieve an entirely new look or feel. Change the position, scale, and depth of drop zones and text elements alike. Depth of field and frame scale can be altered to create new looks. Get creative with Pixel Film Studios%u2019 themes.

Title Elements & Overlay

Photo Passion includes a self-animating title screen, lower thirds, stylizing overlays, and a border tool for overlaying full-screen videos with the same design. Utilize title elements to indicate the start of a new section or introduce characters/settings in any video production. Top scenes off with Photo Passion%u2019s subtle overlay for additional style.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Photo Passion is extremely easy to use in Final Cut Pro X. Browse through the generators and insert the desired scene into the FCPX timeline. Next, insert personal pictures or videos into the drop zones provided. Lastly, alter the text and change the style using the controls provided in the inspector window. Photo Passion will do the rest. For more info visit FCPX Plugins.
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