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But putting together the first album can be one of the most wasteful, expensive, adventures if it is not handled correctly. I am aware of many artists whose first album is still sitting in their living room waiting to be sold four years after manufacturing. Click here for more info see here.

So what are the three key elements to ensure album success (financial and fan satisfaction)?

A well-known producer: a well-known producer from your genre who has connections within the industry and is well respected is one of the key ways to enduring success. While this will come at a price the musician/artist should seek to save money in other aspects of the business and not compromise in this area. Let's be honest, no matter the genre that any musician/artist is involved there are hundreds of releases of that type of music annually and the question to be asked is "how are you going to stand out"? This point is so important that the reason new artists tend to originate from the same label is that once a producer has been established, the industry will look to the person for more of the same. In addition, a successful, well-known producer is a better bet than a new, untested music maker!

At least three great, original songs: I recently spoke to a producer who has had various hits in the UK and US under the name "Ethnic Boyz" and he explained that many of the songs being played on radio today will not be played in five years' time because they are what he called "fast food songs. "Songs are what makes an album successful and you really need to analyze your capabilities, especially in the beginning. How well do your songs measure up to those who are the leaders within your genre? That should be the target, not merely putting some words together like Rebecca Black and hoping you can pass them off to ill informed fans. Fans are much more sophisticated than artists give them credit for. Although it is difficult to have all great songs on an album, it is important to go for co-writing or letting someone write the songs and reach a financial arrangement rather just releasing what we like because our songs will be measured against the market leaders!

At least two cover versions: Why covers? Covers are memorable and many covers are already great songs. Covers will be attractive to the establishment because they already know the song. Many artists, including one of the best selling albums of our time, "I Dreamed a Dream" by Susan Boyle which has sold over nine million copies has at least three covers on it. Many artists cover songs by a great singer. Why? Because it works and adds credibility to a new album. If you do a great job on covers it can be the cheapest way to publicize a new musician/artist. For more info visit more info.
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