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Are You Kidding Me? No Fries?
If you are anything at all like me, you probably watch the food channel greater than you would like to admit, have an obsession about opening a restaurant, and exercise a great deal so that you can continue to fit into your pants and still eat the stuff you want. We eat in Philly at all times. We have been to all the best right now there: through the cheesesteak eggrolls in Davios, to the barbequed pork in Budakan, to the Blood Fruit Margarita's in Lolita, to the Chicken with Greens at Frank and Evelyn's. We drive over the bridge to go to Honey's for breakfast, and catch Tony Luke's before a game. Go here to learn more about Dimitris Maris 24Media.

About six months ago, I was watching a show about hamburgers on the Journey Channel not to mention it included a couple of Chicago spots. For the hundredth time I said to my wife, Leslie, "we must go to Chicago. " Instead of rolling her eyes at me, she busily sat typing on her laptop and a few mins later said, "I have flights in October for $139 round trip. " A few minutes later she told me that she could get a reduced priced hotel room at the Marriott downtown. Things were a little tight this year, as it has been for so many people, hence, a long weekend seemed like a great substitute to an all out vacation. And with discount atmosphere and room, we figured it was a good time to see Chicago. We had never been away without the kids, but made the decision that they were old enough to spend a weekend with grandmom and grandpop. A few weeks later, our friends Scott and Lisa agreed that they had to be part of this food-travel adventure, and they also booked their flights, as well.

Thus, inspired with the food channel, we flew into Chicago with four days of serious eating and walking planned (and early mornings at the hotel gym).

Very first things first; Chicago is a big town if you did not know. There are so many restaurants and neighborhoods, you could spend weeks in just one section and never eat your way out of it. So rather than focus on one food, or a single area, we decided to observe as much as we could and trial as many food varieties as you possibly can in four days. Our parameters for picking places were simple: tripadvisor, local magazine reviews, and any local that would talk to us.

We flew directly into O'Hare and got a van to our hotel. (In the future, we would stick to the trains and stay off the roads. Chicago has terrible traffic, and an easy, efficient and extensive rail system. )#) Once we reached the hotel, we were ravenous and we had not had a chance to really figure out where we could easily walk for lunch. We questioned the Concierge, which proved to be a dead end. While she was friendly, she told us to go to a chain called POTBELLY. Once she told us that, we knew that she was not the appropriate person to talk to in relation to food. Lisa pulled out an article from a Philadelphia publication that said that if you go to Chicago, you need to go the Billy Goat Tavern. We figured out that it was nearby, and headed out in the cold rain in our rain coats and across the Michigan Bridge to find the Billy Goat. Most of our conversation on the way focused on the fact that our Hotel was on Wacker Street. How many jokes can you pull out of Wacker? Too many. For more info visit %u0394%u03B7%u03BC%u03AE%u03C4%u03C1%u03B7%u03C2 %u039C%u03AC%u03C1%u03B7%u03C2.
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